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1965 Mustang - Original Barn Find - 42K miles Contact Seller
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15742 9/26/2006
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Description: I have a barn-fresh 1965 Mustang for sale that is almost ENTIRELY original, down to the tires on the car. It's the original 6-cylinder 200-1V and 3-speed automatic tranny, both numbers matching to the car, and the fenders number match to the car as well. It seems all the body panels are original, and in fact, the only thing that seems unoriginal to the car is the coat of paint sitting on top of the original paint and the shag carpet that replaced the original. The carpet seems to have done some good for the car however, and I'll get to that later. Here's some history on the car based on educated guesses and what we know from the previous owner.

The car was purchased by it's original owner in 1965, and driven as probably and every other day driver. The original owner (or maybe his son or daughter) tore out the original carpet presumeably around the 70's and replaced it with the current shag carpet that it has. Then in 1985 or '86, for whatever reason, the car was parked in a barn where it didn't see daylight for another 20 years. Also unbeknownst to us, is why the original paint was covered up in what seems to be a hasty job. It looks as if the person shot a quick one coat of gold paint over the original paint job and parked it away, where it remained until about a year ago, when they pulled it back out of the barn. You can still clearly see in some places the original R code Ivy Green paint underneath. Outside of the carpeting and paint, everything seems to be original to the car.

I'll start with the worst of the worst on this Mustang, and work my way up from there. The body on the car is straight and there seems to be hardly any warping on any of the body panels. The doors, trunk lid and hood all open and close with relative ease, and the body gapping seems to be pretty good. Even the original green paint is showing up underneath. However, after sitting for so long without any attention and becoming stagnant, the usual Mustang rust popped up from sitting moisture and developed during it's 20 year hibernation. The rear quarters, particularly the passenger side quarter, have rust rot where water snuck in through the trunk seal when it went bad and sat down in the gap where the quarters and trunk meet, forming considerable rust through. The doors have a little bit of rust through, though not entirely through, on both sides on the bottom. This is common in Mustangs as the door seals went bad and water sat inside the door panel. However, it is repairable. The passenger side front fender seems to be rust free, as far as rot, and hardly any surface at that, but the driver's side does have some rust through, though not nearly as bad as the rear quarters. The hood, trunk lid, and front and rear valence have no rust. The only other rust on the car is right under the rear glass, another common seal problem with old Mustangs, but the hole there is very small. What I've just gone over is the worst part of the car, so don't worry, it only gets better from here.

The interior on this car is amazing. Being stored in a barn for so long, it saw hardly any sunlight, and therefore saw hardly any fading, tearing, warping or cracking. The seats have the original upholstry on them still, and it only has a few small tears here and there, the worst being one on the driver's seat. If anyone wanted to take this car and build it back to original condition, the interior is one of the strong points of the car, and a little sewing would take these seats back to original shape. We found NO cracks on the dash, which is amazing for a car this old. It suffered a bit of warping, but it's 41 years old. The dash assembly itself is incredible. Check the picture below for yourself. The original radio is STILL there, including the original speakers in the back, along with the 8-trak player that came with it. All of the dash assembly was hidden from the sun, so it remained in great shape. We pulled up the shag carpet (didn't figure anyone would mind) to reveal nearly spotless floor pans. They are in excellent condition. Again, if you wanted to build this car back to an original 1965 Mustang, you have an excellent start on the inside.

The engine doesn't run, possibly entirely because it doesn't have a starter on it. I have no idea why the past owner took it off or what became of it, but it's gone, and the carb is sitting in the trunk. It's also missing the battery, and the battery tray is rotted. Aside from that, the original engine and tranny are all still there. The car even still has the original A/C unit hooked up. While it is just a 200-1V 6-cylinder, it's refreshing to see a classic Mustang not fitted with a 289 every once in a while; not to mention, if one wanted to build this thing back to original, show, or cruise condition, it's a lot more economical to cruise in a Mustang with a 6-cylinder these days, and it seems like a shame to replace it's original motor after having sit like this for so long.

Here are some miscellaneous good facts about this Mustang to finish up the description. The trunk pan itself is solid. All of the trim is there, and 90% of it looks very useable. The bumpers are there and both in good shape. All the glass is good and clean, with only two small rock chips in the windshield. The wheels are original, still useable, and it has 3 of the original 4 Mustang hubcaps still on it. The spare is still in the trunk (taken out for the picture to show the solid trunk pan). The trunk lid still has the jacking instructions sticker on the inside. The car only has 42K ORIGINAL miles on it, which is impressive. The original TIRES are still on this car, equally amazing. While they are flat and shredded for the most part, I still thought it only added to the antiquity and originality of the car.

Overall, this is the kind of project that takes a real Mustang enthusiast not only to complete it, but to appreciate it's value in a market where these kinds of cars are quickly disappearing. The hardest work on the car is the body patching. None of the body is so fargone that is can't be patched, and I myself would probably patch all but the rear passenger quarter. That should probably be replaced. I guess it depends on HOW original you want this car. It's already got a great start in the department. It really is a good, and fairly solid project that's just waiting to be restored to it's original beauty.

If you're interested, you can email me at for pictures or questions. I can also be reached by phone at 940-300-3904. I'm asking $2500. Thanks for looking.

Keywords: 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 mustang ford project original car
Color: Gold/Ivy Green
Mileage: 42K original miles
Auto/5-Spd: Auto
Modified/Stock: Stock (all original)
Restored: No

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Bill Heineman
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Comment Date: 4/3/2007

do you still have this car if so e-mail me at thanks
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Comment Date: 8/19/2008

hi i was wondering if you still have this car and if so where you located at? regards yurik
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